Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gracie diet

So like I said, I picked up the Gracie diet book at the seminar last weekend and have now read the book and am starting to follow the rules. The first rule (besides cutting out sweets and soda) is waiting the 4 1/2 hours between meals. I am also implementing having one fruit meal a day where one of my meals is just one fruit. Yesterday for breakfast I had like four bananas and this morning I had like four cutie tangerines. I do need to watch how often I have acidic fruits though. Should try to shoot for twice a week. Now waiting 4 1/2 hours between meals was super easy yesterday because I was so busy I was lucky to eat at all. Today I am home most of the day so that may take a little more discipline. I see a lot of water in my day. My hubby's diet may be a little trickier. He tends to skip breakfast and lunch and then try to pack 3000 calories into dinner. I did see him head out the door with two bananas so maybe that is a start. We both also had coffee with our breakfast but there is a no sugar rule which is fine for me because I use splenda. My husband drank his coffee black. eww gross. It is no surprise the Rorion Gracie's diet book is just as much about discipline as it is about the foods you eat. He recommends you quit eating when you are 80% full and talks about how you will have to give up some foods that you love but you are doing that to be healthier and a better fighter so just do it.

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